CINEGEARS Single Axis Wireless Mini Rocker Switch Controller V2
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CINEGEARS Single Axis Wireless Mini Rocker Switch Controller V2

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With CINEGEARS’s latest Wireless Mini Rocker Switch Controller. A finger switch style wireless Rocker controller, you can deliver a reliable signal from up to 100 meters away and is mountable side bracket. It allows users to control lens focus and camera REC start/stop from your fingertip, making it perfect for jib, steady cam, or dolly shots.

The unit has a built in Rechargeable Battery that provides up to 8 working hours of power. 15 selectable digital speeds for a smooth transition from 2 focus presets and 16 adjustable motor speeds. You won’t find anything more compact or functional. The rocker slider can accelerate the speed of the motor; make smooth movement between 15 transaction moods.

It is the smallest wireless solution for solo camera operations. The unit sports a RECORD trigger, a small LED screen, a focus wheel, and the ability to store up to two focus presets.


- Length: 9cm
- Width: 4cm
- Height: 2.7cm
- Weight:150g
- Materials: aluminum alloy

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