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Product Highlights

  • A complete wireless follow focus kit with advanced controller, professional motor, and all accessories needed to use the kit on any set
  • Wireless signal interference will not occur with this kit, with 133 MHz wireless transmission protocol
  • The high torque motor doubles the maximum power without compromising any lens safety; the ultimate choice for cinema lens control
  • Save time by going wireless on set while having more control over your shot with built in REC support for all professional cameras and programmable focus stops


Professional support in North America with a 3-year warranty from an established North American company

A lens control system is only as good as its motors, which is why CINEGEARS Lens Control Motors are held to strict performance benchmarks for noise, torque and design. They laterally lock onto 19mm and 15mm rail systems; avoiding the need to remove your matte box and other rail accessories. With a built in receiver, remote record, and interchangeable gear heads (m 0.4 to m 1.0), the CINEGEARS Wireless Lens Control Motor is ideal for just about any lens setup imaginable.

With our Express Wireless Express Controller, you can deliver a reliable signal from up to 100 meters wirelessly. It also comes with the larger follow focus knob. For jib, Steadicam, MoVI or Gamble Stabilizer shots, the Wireless Express Hand Controller allows focus pullers to stand farther away from camera without compromising precision. Set up to four focus presets with a single press of a button, same as the integrated record button. Instead of using a follow focus with limited lens control and mobility, the CINEGEARS Wireless Express Controller lets you control focus, iris, or zoom wirelessly – all from one device.



productThumb   1x CINEGEARS Wireless Extreme Lens Control Motor   1x CINEGEARS Wireless Express Hand Controller
  1x Motor Mounting Bracket 19mm Rail Adaptors ProjectThumb9   1 x 15mm-19mm Rod Bushings
productThumb4   2 x Thick Marking Disc Replacement   1 x Power Tap Converter Cable
prductThumb3   1 x Extra Gear with 0.5 Pitch and Teeth prductThumb3   1 x Extra Gear with 0.6 Pitch and Teeth
prductThumb3   1 x Extra Gear with 0.8 Pitch and Teeth prductThumb3   1 x Extra Gear with 1.0 Pitch and Teeth
projectThumb10   1 x Steel Gears with Each one of the Motor   8cm Extended Bracket for 15mm Rod
projectThumb7   Gear Re-locator   1 x Mini USB Cable for Battery Charge
projectthumb13   1 x Water Proof Production Box with Foam Inserts  


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