SteadyPlus High-speed Cable Cam Ark 650
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SteadyPlus High-speed Cable Cam Ark 650

Price: $3,200.00
  • Item #: 3-070
  • Condition: New
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  • Includes a 10 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Gimbal Platform DJI, or Customized
  • Maximum Payload 8KG
  • Cable length 100 meters
  • Speed 40 km/h (Without Gimbal or Camera)
  • Battery requirement 5000mAh7.4V 30C LiPo
  • Remote Control Distance 500meters
  • Device Dimension 650mm x 75mm x 110mm
  • Safe Case Dimension 860 x 450 x 240mm, Waterproof Class IP67
  • Run-time 40-60 minutes with uninterrupted movement
  • Pulling Force 70-200KG with full payload (8KG) at 50 meters span
 Note: Does not include the gimble or camera.


Designed and Developed for filming productions, X-Sports, Contest, Shows. ARK650 with a small body but capable of carrying bigger cameras. Great performances on higher capacity payloads, redundant safety features.

Safety is always the most important figure for a cable cam. Steadyplus ARK650 is made of carbon fiber, light and hard. Safety bolt works as another guard to avoid the equipment fall from the cable. Prompt response from the remote controller, make sure it is always in your control.

With a small size only 650mm x 75mm x 110mm, ARK650 could carry the weight up to 8kg. Due to it is using a 2400W brushless motor, equipped with top ESC technology, always supplied with a stable and great power. No matter carry DSLR, or professional mini camera like Red Epic, it will run perfectly as you could imagine. Provided with standard connections for DJI Ronin, where we could also customize the quick release for other brand gimbals.

The included cable is made of UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), super high strength and distinctly light; one of the safest cable designs on the market.

Standard equipped with Steadyplus Safety case, where you can put everything together, take it and go.


In The Box

  • Ark 650 Cablecam Body
  • Wireless Cablecam Controller
  • 30 Meter Cable

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