Convergent Design Odyssey Aluminum Table Stand

Price: $85.00
  • Item #: DI-OD-0002
  • Condition: New
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The Convergent Design Odyssey Aluminum Table Stand attaches to the Odyssey7 or Odyssey7Q. While only five ounces, it is tall enough to protect the cables and connectors attached to the bottom of an Odyssey. The design tilts back the screen for comfortable The stand can support an Odyssey alone or with any Convergent Design battery mount with full clearance and stability. There is also a standard 5/8” socket with tie-down bolt to mount the stand onto a standard light stand or baby pin. The stand also functions as a "chest offset" when an Odyssey is worn with a neck strap so the operator doesn't have to look uncomfortably straight down viewing while also centering the weight over the stand for balance.

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